Zombies Ate My Baby Review

By , on September 8, 2010

Zombies Ate My Baby
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4 out of 5


  • Amusing storyline.
  • Two easy to use control schemes.
  • Lots of unique artwork and unlockable wallpapers.


  • Gameplay becomes fairly predictable early on.
  • Balance issues making the game easier than possibly intended.


Zombies Ate My Baby was a pleasant surprise to pick up and play and definitely worth checking out for a polished, fun action experience.

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I'll be perfectly honest, it was the name of this game that drew me to it - a morbid curiosity compelled me. Thankfully 'Zombies Ate My Baby' is nothing like I imagined and in fact this action title from Eccentricity was a surprisingly exciting game to jump in to.

You'll have to protect your protagonist, Cheyenne, as she tries to prevent the latest in a line of men in her life from dying as they seem to be prone to being eaten by Zombies. For most levels this involves tilting your cursor around the screen to aim at waves of zombies that shamble their way towards your character, utilizing grenades, swords and various ranged weapons to keep them away. The alternative tap controls are more accurate than the tilt controls, but there's something visceral about swinging your aim around to deal with the zombie hordes.

Each level presents players with a new background and after the occasional boss fight you'll often have new zombies and a new weapon to play with, giving you a continual sense of progression despite the relatively repetitive gameplay. Achievements also reward players with backgrounds that can be saved and used on their iDevice.

Zombies Ate My Babies may just be another zombie-shooter, but everything from its presentation and story told in comic form to the frantic action of each level and boss fights clicks perfectly. Whether you're lobbing meat at a zombie or cutting them in two with a sword, Zombies Ate My Baby is good, simple fun from start to finish.


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