HYBRID 2: Saga of Nostalgia Review

By , on September 8, 2010

HYBRID 2: Saga of Nostalgia
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4 out of 5


  • Fast paced action brawler gameplay.
  • Easy to use RPG system.
  • Item crafting and special App Store purchasable items.


  • Special moves still difficult to pull off with accuracy.
  • EXP loss on death without special items.


HYBRID 2 doesn't change too much from the original formula, but small tweaks keep this action RPG engaging even despite minor frustrations with the controls.

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It was a year ago when Gamevil released the first in their action brawler RPG series 'HYBRID' on to the App Store and now gamers can get their hands on the sequel, 'HYBRID 2: Saga of Nostalgia'. Once again you'll follow the adventures of Grey as he attempts to reunite with Fairy, a mysterious woman that has given him the power of the Gravity Orb.

The basic gameplay is not unlike your basic side-scrolling brawler, with Grey being maneuvered by an 8-way d-pad and initiating basic combination attacks with one of three additional buttons. Quick-bars also give access to special items without needing to go in to the menu. Thankfully the combo system has been tweaked from the original and players gradually gain access to powerful combos, however pulling them off is still a matter of split-second timing which is hard to do when the combat is so frantic. Also it's odd that that the soulblade skill button is placed so far away, making it hard to pull them off with accuracy.

Small improvements in the graphics are also great to see and the reduced interface clutter is certainly appreciated. Players can customize button size and positioning as well. Another interesting addition that worth checking out is an in game store linked to the App Store to purchase bonuses such as stat resets, experience boosters and even special items.

Despite the continuing control issues HYBRID 2 is an extremely engaging action RPG with smooth difficulty curve that keeps you on your toes to the end. Easily recommended for all action fans.


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