War of the Gods Review

By , on September 13, 2010

War of the Gods
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2 out of 5


  • Unique simplified turn-based strategy style.
  • Purchase enemy units to bulk up your forces.


  • Extremely short title.
  • 'Strategy' loosely translates to 'keep melee units in the front, ranged in the back'.


War of the Titans has a groovy concept, but despite trying to make turn-based strategy easier to approach it has only succeeded in making it frustrating for genre fans and awkward for new-comers.

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War of the Titans by EASY is a turn-based strategy that tries to play with the formula, removing a lot of control from the player in order to streamline the experience and while this is commendable, the result is something that feels too loose to really call 'strategic'.

There are only two controllable mechanics in the game itself, with players being able to move their units forward and should they have enough cash, hiring enemies to bulk up their forces. The ability to 'buy' enemies is interesting enough in itself as you can recruit tough enemies to act as shields at the front of your force or powerful ranged units to safely sit behind the rest. Managing this group isn't easy though as you'll have to switch movement on and off on each person individually to move specific units around and in tougher battles it's hard to surround your target as you can effectively only move one person at a time.

Graphically the game is cute, with hand-drawn backgrounds and manga-inspired designs for each of the units, but don't expect anything in the way of animation or fancy effects to offset the rather boring way everyone, including enemies, slide around. And while we're talking about the enemies, there's practically no AI to speak of, with units not taking advantage of open flanks or focusing on weaker units, making the game practically a bit of a joke 'strategically' speaking.

War of the Titans isn't a total loss and can be finished easily enough, but as it stands the gameplay is too shallow to keep you absorbed long enough to care.


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