Free Zombie Hero - Kill Angry War Ninja Review

By , on September 13, 2010

Free Zombie Hero - Kill Angry War Ninja
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4 out of 5


  • Fun chaotic theme that work surprisingly well.
  • Simple arcade style gameplay.
  • Upbeat music and sound effects.


  • No difficulty or challenge options to get to make things interesting earlier on.


According to the statistics, Free Zombie Hero - Kill Angry War Ninja is everything you could possibly want out of a game, including its cost, so it's definitely worth checking out if you have the time.

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Swedish developers Fabrication Games had a burning question that they had to answer for themselves, 'What do you get if you make a game using all of the App Store's most searched for phrases?'. The answer came in the release of 'Free Zombie Hero - Kill Angry War Ninja' and to be fair, if that doesn't score some interest right off the bat, then I'd be surprised.

In Zombie Hero you have to avenge the deaths (or is that re-deaths?) of your zombie family at the hands of a horde of ninjas that have declared war on the world. Thankfully, due possibly to their training or their fleshy bodies, ninjas are extremely bouncy and your Zombie Hero must squish them under his heel as you constantly bounce around the screen. Tilt and touch controls are both available to bounce back and forth on your foes, while power-ups can either regenerate parts you've lost after missing a ninja or turn you in to a giant to flatten them all.

While the game itself is set in a small 2D area the characters themselves are all 3D. The graphics are beautifully simple and as you progress you'll have to face new ninja enemies including ninja robots in the bonus stages. Other than the occasional new ninja there's not a lot of variety and the game can take a while to reach challenging levels, but for a free game you can whip out and pause at any time it's not such a bad deal.

Free Zombie Hero could have been an unholy mess, but this odd experiment has managed to find its legs (at least until you lose them) and while it remains free this is definitely worth picking up.


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