HellJump 2: New Adventures Review

By , on September 15, 2010

HellJump 2: New Adventures
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3 out of 5


  • Simple vertical jump gameplay.
  • Interesting art style.


  • Extremely repetitive without more gameplay elements.


HellJump 2: New Adventures adds a new coat of pain on an otherwise already decent looking title but forgets to add more meat to the gameplay.

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HellJump 2: New Adventures by SoftGames baffles me a little bit. While it's easy enough to merely say it's just another vertical jumping title, it wouldn't be taking in to account the rather beautiful visuals that have gone in to the game. But regardless of this, HellJump 2 shows no meaningful gameplay improvements over the original and that is what confuses me.

For those not yet familiar with vertical jumping titles, all you need to do is keep bouncing your character as high as possible by landing on various platforms while avoiding dangerous traps by tilting left and right. At least HellJump 2 has the decency of pulling this off well, with smooth tilting and good collision detection on the platforms. 

However the potential for growth seems to have been completely missed by SoftGames as the artwork is simply phenomenal (especially in the menu screens) and it would have been great if that attention to detail was placed in to adding unique gameplay elements. Small things like having the demon propelled by the power of love is certainly cute, but there's little else to keep players engaged.

'HellJump 2: New Adventures' may be a beautifully designed game, but it can't hide the skeletal gameplay holding it together.


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