Monster Feed Review

By , on November 25, 2010

Monster Feed
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4 out of 5


  • Tower defense gameplay without the boring bits!
  • Lots of content and additional modes to unlock.
  • Smooth graphical performance even under stress.


  • Spells require a bit of trial and error; tutorial only covers the basics.
  • Radial tower placement system conflicts with spell/tower/target selection.


Monster Feed is a solid addition to anyone's tower defense collection as it busts out some clever and unique spells to fill the time gaps common to the genre.

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One of the unfortunate downsides of playing a traditional tower defense title is the lack of things to do outside of waiting for the next wave or staring intently at the gold counter to get the next upgrade/tower. Monster Feed by Day Go By Entertainment takes a different approach and subsidizes its gameplay with a spell system that is not only helpful, but almost necessary to survive.

Those familiar with games like The Creeps will recognize the basic formula of Monster Feed as you throw down towers of various flavors (e.g., area damage, slowing, poison, fast etc.) and upgrade them to deal with the incoming waves of enemies. Obstacles around the map can also be destroyed, though smart targeting allows towers in range to switch to enemies as a priority over static objects, preventing players from ending up with pointless restarts. Before beginning a level, players also select one of two different spell-casters, each with their own variety of spells that level up over time and provide access to abilities that damage and otherwise supplement your buildings. Spell-casting becomes integral to your strategy for a level as most are designed to counter useful tower placements and the cash earned is not enough to survive on towers alone.

While the artwork is quirky, the style is carried off perfectly and the high detail visual remain smooth even during intense moments. Levels are progressively unlocked as you proceed and an additional mode is eventually made available that focuses more on the spell casting mechanic.

Monster Feed is a welcome change of pace and one that's a treat to play even despite the familiar style; worth grabbing if you're a fan of tower defense titles.


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