Blaze: Fire Puzzle Review

By , on September 20, 2010

Blaze: Fire Puzzle
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4 out of 5


  • Relaxing puzzle style.
  • Familiar control scheme with alternate gyro options.
  • Elegant 3D graphics.


  • No gold-level puzzle solving incentives.
  • Ultimately a short game to play through.


Blaze: Fire Puzzle manages to almost nail the zen-like puzzle gameplay of titles like Zen Bound perfectly and hopefully more content or sequels will bridge the gap completely.

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As unique experiences go, I'd have to say that 'Blaze: Fire Puzzle' definitely sits on a lonely pedestal with a handful of games like Zen Bound as the kind of puzzle title you gravitate towards not for the difficulty, but for the sheer experience of it.

And it's not without reason that I invoke Zen Bound as a comparison for this title by developer Handmark as its relaxed style will be immediately familiar to those who have spent some time painting 3D shapes with rope. Your goal is to light all the candles situated around various 3D objects as fast as possible by spinning and rotating the shape around the screen. Players can swipe or twist the screen with two fingers to perform this task, however those with an iPhone 4 can try out the gyroscope feature that uses a combination of touches and moving your phone to move the shape around.

In either case the game isn't so much about getting in your face with complex mind-bending challenges as it is the calm experience of lighting an object on fire within the time you're given. While the soft background music is great for setting the mood, players can also listen to their own music, making this a great game to pop in to for a quick round in any spare moment you have.

Blaze: Fire Puzzle is all about the relaxed experience and while it would have been good to have more incentive to get gold completions in each puzzle, this beautiful 3D puzzler is an easy game to enjoy and its unique charm is well worth trying out.


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