Secret Agents! Review

By , on November 26, 2010

Secret Agents!
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3 out of 5


  • Easy to pickup 'spy vs spy' action.
  • Fun to play against friends.


  • Wooden, repetitive gameplay against AI opponents.
  • Skewed camera view hard to look at for extended periods.


Agents! brings back an interesting and competitive style of espionage and counter-espionage tactics that's best played with friends instead of the game's AI.

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Agents! by and Fancy Factory have revived the Spy vs Spy formula of espionage-based action gameplay and players will need to ransack labs, castles and offices to be the first to escape with the secrets hidden within.

Getting around the world of Agents! is surprisingly simple and players merely have to tap to walk to a new location and drag to spin the room they're currently in around them. Each map features a series of inter-connected rooms with a series of objects inside each one that can be searched for the secret documents you require. Various weapons also populate the maps and players can set a series of traps from remote bombs to tripwires and even a bazooka for one on one battles. If a player is killed without the other player being present, their information is randomly redistributed around the level, instead of being stolen directly by the opposing agent.

Visually things are a little bit skewed, with the virtual lens for the top-down camera deforming the world in a soft fish-eye fashion. This allows you to see far more than you'd ordinarily be able to, making it easier to see when an enemy enters the room, but it can also be hard to look at over extended sessions.

While there is a relatively short story campaign, the true fun is in playing against your friends in local multiplayer matches. Being able to laugh at your friends when they stumble on to a trap is almost priceless and makes the lack of online play almost forgivable. Agents! is far too simple and repetitive to enjoy on your own, so if you can grab some friends to join you this is definitely a worthwhile investment, otherwise you may be disappointed at spending all your time setting traps for AI enemies instead.


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