SEED 2 - Vortex of War Review

By , on September 20, 2010

SEED 2 - Vortex of War
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3 out of 5


  • Straight action-RPG gameplay.
  • Three classes to explore.
  • Lots of content to plow through.


  • No auto-saving; entire hours of progress lost in the blink of an eye.
  • Hyper-speed action.


SEED 2 - Vortex of War doesn't try to be anything more exciting than a standard action-RPG and while it gets the basic formula right, it'd be good to see more of an effort to make it a genuine iDevice title.

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'SEED 2 - Vortex of War' takes place five years after the events of the first game and you'll take control of Litta once again as he takes on the mantle of 'the hero' to save his country from destruction. We're long past the point where such simple stories are simply tiresome, but like so many other action titles what it lacks in narrative it tries to make up for in gameplay.

Getting to grips with the game's action gameplay can take some time and in fact it's hard not to feel a little on edge about the controls right through to the end. This has less to do with its simplified d-pad and quick-slot attack button control setup and more to do with the hyper-speed at which the game plays out. Monsters and NPCs alike look like they're having fits as they blitz their way around the screen, punishing players for not out-pacing their attacks by spamming buttons constantly.

The artwork is typically 16-bit and attempts to cash-in on the nostalgic link with classic RPGs, however a smoothing effect is applied to the game world and instead of giving it a modern feel the game just looks washed-out and blurry. That isn't to say the artwork isn't great, but when menu options are already so small having items blurred to the point of obscurity can get annoying.

However, many of SEED 2's short-comings are merely typical for the genre and those who enjoy the occasional action-RPG on their iDevice will be entertained by this sequel, but if you're after something a bit more refined there's no reason to jump in straight away.


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andrew 11 years ago

SEED 1 was reviewed by another individual, however it was also reviewed under a different set of review guidelines that resulted in its score. I'm not going to override their opinions as that would be wrong :)
The speed issues in SEED 2 can indeed be alleviated by ratcheting it down from hypersonic to normal, but it makes no sense as to why they'd set it there in the first place and bury the option in an awkward menu system. Comparatively and given the time between them, they're both relatively equal, but if you want to play one over the other I'd go with the newer one for the sake of any fixed balance and gameplay issues from the previous game.

FalloutNewVegas 11 years ago

Ok thanks for replying. I bought the SEED 2 but I am experiencing some problems. I tried putting on the lowest speed but all it does is reduces the frame-rate which makes it less smooth ever time you put the speed down. Another issue is the games stops for around 1 second ever 10-5 seconds which completely ruins the experience for me. The story I must say is cliched beyond belief. A ordinary boy (SEED 1) becomes a great warrior and has to protect everyone from evil. Didn't see that coming! But I guess the real problem is the frame-rate issue were the screen freezes for a second. If it weren't for that I would give it a 8/10 just for its gameplay.

FalloutNewVegas 11 years ago

Ok wait hold it. In the seed1 one review you gave it a rating a 4 which is higher than this. So was that only because you could get it for free and it wasn't on hyper speed? So really which one is better excluding price but still taking in account of the hyper speed? Also isn't there option to turn the speed down?