FMX Riders Review

By , on November 26, 2010

FMX Riders
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3 out of 5


  • Simple arcade motocross gameplay.
  • Fun level designs packed with areas to perform tricks.


  • Long, forced intro on loading.
  • Inconsistent controls; easy to flip out with a swipe, yet refuses to tilt/turn the bike mid-air for smooth landings.
  • Unforgiving AI opponents.


While FMX Riders may still be a playable motocross inspired arcade racer, odd control issues make it a hard one to enjoy and an easy game to put back down.

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FMX Riders by The Quadsphere is an arcade physics based motocross racing title where you'll need to become a master of performing tricks to keep ahead of the competition while earning cash to unlock the next race on your list.

Touch and tilt controls are available to turn your vehicle around the screen while your character auto-accelerates, providing a familiar setup for those who regularly indulge in racing titles on their iDevice. Performing tricks or collecting power-ups fills a boost meter that can be slowly depleted by holding down on the boost button. Unfortunately, the loose physics add a dreamy, loose feel to the controls that allow you to almost turn on a dime regardless of the surface you're on. And while the game allows you to perform outrageous aerial stunts by swiping the screen, the simple act of turning your bike with the touch or tilt controls to adjust your landing isn't allowed.

This inconsistency in the controls and physics is made worse by AI opponents that don't feature catch-up/tethering to give players a chance to learn the ropes without embarrassing themselves entirely. Progression requires players to pay-up to unlock further levels so you'll quickly become familiar with the handful of maps on hand as you grind your way through races or trick-sessions to earn enough to continue.

FMX Riders features many useful and interesting features including online multiplayer via Game Center and large detailed racing environments, but thanks to its inconsistent handling it's a hard racing title to enjoy.


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