Oh! My Gun! HD - Kill, hit to go level up! Review

By , on September 24, 2010

Oh! My Gun! HD - Kill, hit to go level up!
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3 out of 5


  • Physics puzzler mayhem.
  • Free 100 points in OpenFeint for loading the game.


  • Thematically disturbing; subtleties in the art that seem plain wrong.


'Oh! My Gun!' is a quirky title to say the least and if you can side-step its theme the game can be equal parts amusing and frustrating as you attempt to plow through its considerable amount of content.

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I'm a little bit worried to admit that I enjoy 'Oh! My Gun! - Kill, hit ladies to go level up!' by Mobile Force. It's not an excellent or seriously entertaining physics based puzzle title and the basic theme borders on disturbing, but the simple fun recklessness of its gameplay kept me hooked far longer than I'd care to admit.

Your objective is to clear out each level of all the women that are standing around in precarious locations next to bombs, heavy objects and spiked wheels by shooting your weapon at the environment. Players can touch to aim their demonic gun around the screen and each bullet fired will spend some time ricocheting around the level causing mayhem and destruction. There's also a limited amount of ammunition, so you'll need to spend it carefully to pass a level, but every now and then the chaos can provide you with more help than you intended.

Unfortunately this help comes as a result of the somewhat bizarre physics that have been applied to all the objects in the game and while some objects can be flung around the screen seemingly as though they have no weight, others will act as though they're made out of solidified black holes. Also, despite featuring hundreds of levels, the game seems to quickly run out of clever ideas, opting for excessively challenging puzzles that require more luck than skill.

If you're after a bit of chaos and take your 'value for money' seriously, 'Oh! My Gun!' can provide some entertainment, but it's not the lasting kind and you may feel a bit bad about enjoying it later on.


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