PipeRush Review

By , on September 27, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Pipe Mania style gameplay with 15 fixed puzzle levels.
  • Clear, simple artistic style.


  • Easy to finish, hard to master.
  • Pipe rotation controls can get in the way at times.


PipeRush combines a familiar style of gameplay with a few new random elements and some fixed level designs to give this puzzler a fresh new lease on life.

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The townsfolk in Pippa's hometown are counting on her to fix their pipes and in PipeRush you'll help her to speed through the process of not only connecting every house but also making sure the pipes water tight.

Right from the get-go you'll notice that PipeRush is, for all intents and purposes, a puzzle variant of games like Pipe Mania. Pipes will be generated randomly, filling up your conveyor belt and you'll need to drag the pieces in to place to ensure that everything is connected and water tight. Pieces you don't require can be fed back in to the machine to be 'recycled', freeing up space temporarily, but you'll need to make use of other bonuses like dynamite and 'pipe drops' to speed things along as quickly as possible. Players can drag these pieces and bonuses on to the field directly and a rotate button also allows you to turn them around, though this can be a bit awkward when placing pieces in the bottom left corner.

The graphics are typical for a Clickgamer.com title, so players can expect nice clean and easy to follow visuals including indicators to help identify leaks you've left in the pipes. Additional hazards including earthquakes and aliens also add a few complications to prevent the game feeling too repetitive.

There are only 15 levels currently in the game, but each level can take some time to finish, especially if you don't save up some of those special abilities. Still, PipeRush is a fun puzzle title and an easy one to pick up and enjoy for any puzzle fan.


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