iBomber Defense Review

By , on November 22, 2010

iBomber Defense
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4 out of 5


  • Tradtional tower defense gameplay with polished features.
  • Clean, detailed artwork; retains the iBomber style.
  • Challenging 'bonus' rounds to test your adaptation.


  • Previous levels unavailable in main campaign to replay.
  • Repetition can sink in early.


iBomber Defense brings Cobra Mobile's series in to a new arena and competently executes a traditional tower defense with a few polished features.

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On the surface of it, iBomber Defense is as radical as departures go for developer Cobra Mobile and their iBomber franchise. However, this latest release for Chillingo shows nothing less than the polished skill expected of their developers and fans of tower defense titles can jump right in without hesitation.

iBomber Defense uses a traditional and familiar tower defense style, with enemies following paths set out for them while towers can be positioned and upgraded at fixed locations around the level. Beyond this it's the little things that help to differentiate the title, with enemies attacking battlements as they pass by, requiring cash to be spent to keep them repaired and upgraded, while positioning towers on elevated platforms can increase a towers natural range, giving you tactical advantages where they're needed most. Also, in a unique twist players can 'reset' a wave they're currently playing to attempt to correct any errors they may have made.

After each stage is completed, players are awarded with upgrade points that can be spent on unlocking new towers, global effects such as starting with more cash and new upgrade levels for your towers. Also, players have the option of taking on 'challenge' stages, fighting a new set of enemies on previously completed maps that are changed to add new paths or otherwise add to the difficulty.

Despite the combination of these smaller touches, iBomber Defense still feels like a standard tower defense title and unless you're already a fan of the genre it's not a compelling argument for converting those who need something more exciting. But, if you are a genre fan, iBomber Defense is a fun game to dive in to and one that will easily eat up some of your spare time.


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