Backbreaker 2: Vengeance Review

By , on December 6, 2010

Backbreaker 2: Vengeance
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4 out of 5


  • New 'jump' and 'truck' maneuvers to utilize.
  • Vengeance mode allows you to make the tackles.
  • Detailed high-resolution visuals and animations.


  • Quick to plow through.
  • Vengeance mode essentially the same gameplay as Tackle Alley.


Fans of NautralMotion's Backbreaker Football won't be disappointed with Vengeance and its new modes, but much like the original, once the content is completed it's easy to put back down.

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Over a year ago, brutal tackles and deft maneuvers punctuated Backbreaker Football from NaturalMotion and after all of this time players can now pick up the sequel to try their hands not only at dodging their enemies in new ways, but to also turn the tables and tackle some runners in the Vengeance mode.

More depth has been added to the classic Tackle Alley mode of Backbreaker as players unlock and utilize new maneuvers to either jump or truck opponents instead of merely dodging your way up the field. To compliment these new moves the game has also added physical obstacles to jump or duck under, adding a lot more complexity to scoring the perfect run. The control system from the original title has remained intact, however the top two buttons now feature smart controls to truck or pull off a super showboat as well as allowing players to turn around a full 360 degrees.

This last point is very important as players can now turn the tide in Vengeance mode, using your abilities to dodge your opponents while attempting to take down a runner with a viscous tackle. Much like the first game the animations are incredibly fluid and fourth generation device users will get the full benefit of a higher resolution display to show off the players and the large stadium.

What was already a great title has been finessed in to something far more detailed and while it may not take long to plow through the available content, unlockable customizations and a competitive high-score system provides at least a bit of incentive to come back for more. Vengeance may not stay a favorite for long, but it's a rib-crunchingly fun experience while it lasts.


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