Family Guy Time Warped Review

By , on November 29, 2010

Family Guy Time Warped
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3 out of 5


  • Easy to pick up platforming controls.
  • Unlockable clips from the TV show.


  • Not really all-ages appropriate content.
  • All-ages appropriate difficulty; i.e., very simplistic (can you see the conflict here?).


While Family Guy may still be performing strong on the small-screen, having it reduced to an anachronistic platformer on the smaller-screen does nothing to impart the same sense of fun and humor.

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Family Guy Time Warped by Glu has me a bit turned about... Can someone tell me if the Gulf War is still on? Maybe President Clinton is in power? Has anyone upgraded from a 486 chipset yet? No? Then why does it feel like I'm stuck in the 1990s again?

There was a time when platformers roamed the video game landscape like pirate kings, smashing their way on to consoles and having their way with the youth of the day. Time Warped is an interesting reminder of what once was a staple in the industry and while these days the end result is far more polished, it's no less tiresome to deal with. The controls are more than adequate and those already familiar with iDevice platformers will find it easy enough to pick up the simple button setup of moving left/right and choosing between attacks or jumping. Each level is set in a different time period and you'll need to platform your way around while collecting enriched uranium to find a way back to the modern age.

Should you take the time to search for bonus objects you'll be rewarded with unlocked miniclips taken from the TV show itself. It's a neat treat for fans of the series, but for others it's just another non sequitur that barely stands on its own two feet without context.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with Family Guy Time Warped as a platformer and fans of the TV show will find themselves entertained for a little while. However, just like a throw-away gag, Time Warped results in an experience that's short lived and not as clever as it could be.


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