Texting of the Bread Review

By , on September 29, 2010

Texting of the Bread
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4 out of 5


  • TXT'ing your way through breaded zombie hordes.
  • Cow powered cannons.
  • Themed levels.


  • US only spellings; no regional modifications.


It's not your traditional action title, but Texting of the Bread pits you against hordes of sugary foes as you type your way to victory.

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Its hard to be a gamer and not have heard about the lads over at Screw Attack central with their game retrospective videos and top lists of gaming (and not so gaming) related topics. And so it's no surprise that this bunch of Internet dwelling gamers have finally come out with their own title and for those familiar with gaming history, Texting of the Bread might just raise some eyebrows.

That's right, much like edutainment titles of the past, Texting of the Bread is an homage to Typing of the Dead (a typing teacher based on House of the Dead) that follows a long standing tradition that has even caught Nintendo's Mario at one point as well. What makes this game stand out is just how right this feels for the iPhone, not only does it force players to put their TXT skills to the test against sugary treat zombie monsters, but updating the game to include commonly used phrases from IM, TXT and the Internet in general helps to cut any lingering ties to that horrible 'edutainment' label.

The artwork isn't too fancy, with half the screen taken up by the keyboard itself - and yes, it's horizontal orientation only folks - and the repetitive onslaught of enemies can be a bit tiresome, but watching zombies slowly being shredded apart by your milk cannon is at least worthy of a chuckle or two.

It would have been great if the game had slightly better pacing and variation to make huge amount of levels really count, but it's still a lot of value for money if you swing that way. Whether you're a fan of Screw Attack, classic games or an avid texter, Texting of the Bread is an amusing title to own.


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