FIFA 11 by EA SPORTS™ Review

By , on September 30, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Slick detailed 3D visuals with high-def Retina support.
  • Alternate touch-screen controls for passing and advanced plays.
  • Huge variety of International teams and leagues.


  • Choppy close-up camera frame-rate.
  • A-B-C buttons for advanced controls (this isn't 1994 anymore).


EA Sports seems to have opted for FIFA 11 to act as a sort of short arcade stop-gap for players after a game when not playing the console version, however the missing features make this feel like a hollow shell instead of a triple-A title.

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Today is a day held sacred by many gamers around the world for today is the day that the new FIFA title from EA Sports hits shelves (virtual or otherwise) and flies directly in to the nearest console or electronic device near them. Yes, FIFA 11 has hit the App Store.

Wrapping your head around the game's controls is going to be the first big hurdle for anyone jumping in to FIFA 11 as the days of simple pass, kick and tackle are quickly being replaced by advanced maneuvers that give you a lot of control of how your players move. Two control systems are available, with a basic system that utilizes three buttons that vary depending on the ball's current state of play; and an advanced system that can perform all the basic functions while allowing players to use features like calling in a second defender for pressure.

Anyone who has picked up a recent EA Sports title will be familiar with the slick visual upgrades that accompany this new release and the added detail in the environments are great to see, especially close up. However it's not what's in the game that hurts this release, it's what's not in it that seems confusing. Multiplayer is 'upcoming'; team management features have been stripped back; and no solo career mode has made it in either.

While FIFA 11 shouldn't have to pack every feature from the console title in the App Store release, it makes it a harder purchase to justify when older releases pack more value. A solid football title for FIFA fans, but not a shining star.


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