Cut the Rope Review

By , on October 6, 2010

Cut the Rope Original™
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5 out of 5


  • Charmingly cute visuals.
  • Solid, varied physics gameplay.
  • Smooth progression with more levels on the way.


  • Slide control physics hard to master.


Cut the Rope is quite simply a bombshell of cute, clever, addictive physics puzzle gameplay that's hard to pass up on.

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Gah! I seem to be experiencing a cute overload lately - my manliness (NB: may not actually be manly) is experiencing some withdrawals. Aww to heck with it... Om Nom is just too darn cute to get angry at and I blame Chillingo's latest game Cut the Rope for introducing his fierce cuddliness to me.

Om Nom the candy-eating monster is hungry and you need to feed him, but while you're at it you may as well collect the stars littering each level as well. The basic gameplay is that of a physics puzzler, with the candy acting as a weight that needs to make its way to your monster's stomach. Bubbles, spikes, trolleys, spider and other various hazards can help or hinder your progress, but main trick is in learning when to 'cut the rope' in order to swing the candy to the next best location.

Levels can be slowly conquered and as you switch 'boxes' you'll have more physics toys added to the game to play with. Individual levels can be skipped if they're proving to be too difficult, but stars are needed to unlock subsequent boxes to play in. And yes, the graphics are nothing if not immensely cute, with a clean cartoon style and adorable expressions on Om Nom himself including a heart-breaking sulking expression when you fail a level.

Cut the Rope isn't especially challenging to finish, but it's an addictive challenge that leaves you wanting for more when you do complete the current content. Thankfully more levels are on the way, so if you're looking for a great new puzzler that's fun and adorable, look no further.


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