UFO on Tape Review

By , on October 6, 2010

UFO on Tape
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5 out of 5


  • Very unique gameplay concept.
  • Immersive controls, visuals and audio.
  • Gyroscope and accelerometer options.


  • Gimmicky gameplay; limited replay value.


UFO on Tape may feel more like a gimmicky title than the usual arcade-fare on the App Store, but its polished presentation and gameplay are unique, fun and second to none.

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For such a simple concept, UFO on Tape by Revolutionary Concepts is perhaps one of the most immediately engaging games I've had the pleasure of trying in some time. After spotting a UFO you'll need to keep your camera steady as you keep the alien ship in focus and on screen before running out of power.

This sounds easy enough, but much like the alien crafts of folklore this UFO is fast, slippery and always seems to manage to shift itself in to angles that hide its presence from your lens. For those with gyroscope controls, the game is played as easily as starting up the title and waving around your iDevice to follow the ship's movements. The default speed is just jerky enough to feel precisely like trying to keep a deeply zoomed in camera focused and adds to the immersion perfectly. Accelerometer controls are also available to those with older devices along with a Y-axis invert should you need it.

Visually the game is quite clever, using cut-out digital images that are blurred to mimic the depth of focus and moving slowly enough to emulate the movement of your vehicle as you try to capture the UFO on tape. Another observer provides minor interjections that complete the immersion, directing your camera should you lose sight of the UFO or adding tiny exclamations of joy or disappointment based on your performance.

UFO on Tape may not have a huge shelf-life, but Revolutionary Concepts have honed this title down to a sharp edge that is both engaging and fun to enjoy and definitely a game / time-waster worth adding to anyone's collection.


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