Tap Disc Review

By , on October 7, 2010

Tap Disc
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4 out of 5


  • Unique tap/timing based arcade gameplay.
  • Bold visual style.
  • Kiddie mode for youngsters.
  • Challenging variety of power-ups.


  • Somewhat random gameplay can quickly throw off smooth difficulty progression.


Tap Disc is the first of its kind we've come across and while it can be hard to grasp and perfect the controls it's a fun title that extends its hands to younger gamers as well without being patronizing.

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'Tap Disc' (formerly Flying Discs) by Legal Radiation Team isn't your standard arcade game. Your aim is to help capture or save people by capturing their vehicles in an appropriately colored zone, but timing these captures isn't easy and things only get more complicated once deadly hazards are introduced.

By tapping on the screen you'll create a large circular colored zone that starts out white, but then slowly blinks between orange and red before disappearing. These correspond to the color of the discs bouncing around the screen and you'll need to capture them with precise timing before they collide, change color and eventually explode. Power-ups regularly enter the mix to add more mayhem to the already chaotic gameplay and survival levels can quickly deplete your life if you're not careful.

Visually the game looks cluttered, like a graphic designer's Deviant Art folder being poured out on to the screen, but the chaotic mess is balanced perfectly to match the gameplay and has a cute hyper-modern overall feel to it. A kiddie mode cutesies up the visuals and gameplay even further, so you can share the frustration with your kids (or watch as they completely dominate your high-score).

Combos and other bonuses help to add more depth and variety to the gameplay, with matches lasting from embarrassingly short to epic lengths of time and the longer you play the better you'll get with your timing. Tap Disc balances frustration with fun in a delicate balance and while it's not perfect, it's still hard to put down.


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