Time Geeks: Find All! Review

By , on October 7, 2010

Time Geeks: Find All!
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4 out of 5


  • Fast-fire hidden object gameplay.
  • Clever and dynamic environments.
  • Dripping with nerdy and pop-culture references.
  • Share unique pixel-art worlds with friends.


  • Item placement can be obscure; corners are especially frustrating.
  • Mini-games feel out of place.


Time Geeks: Find All! doesn't bother with all the nonsense of other hidden object games and challenges you to a quick, strict 'Wally' style of game that's not only fun, but packs enough cultural references to keep you busy in relaxed modes as well.

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The days of staring at large, complex and busy images in the search for one stripey capped, glasses wearing chap have certainly come a long way. Hidden object titles are undoubtedly a popular genre, though not an easy one to pull off cleverly, but 'Time Geeks: Find All!' by Ivanovich has come up with something that borrows from modern and old influences to create something that's compelling and fun to enjoy.

Players are flung through time to various locations in time and space to help the Time Geeks to put things right. Each of the game's detailed modern pixel-art style vistas are dense with action and cultural references that will test your 'nerd' mettle as you fight your instincts to work out what show they're riffing while attempting to find various objects. It's not a traditional hidden object title in the sense that you only need to find one type of object at a time, but this is offset by various obstacles such as clouds and the Time Geeks themselves moving around and providing minor distractions.

One major gripe has to be the positioning of some of the objects which range from clever to outright random. While it's not too common, it's often enough to inspire levels of frustration that result in putting the game down.

Still, the basic campaign and unlockable mini-games and relaxation modes along with the amazingly detailed artwork are hard to pass up. It's not perfect and hidden object fans may not like the 'one at a time' style, but 'Time Geeks: Find All!' is still a game that's worth checking out.


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