Billabong Surf Trip Review

By , on October 11, 2010

Billabong Surf Trip
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3 out of 5


  • Unique realistic surfing gameplay.
  • Realistic wave physics.
  • Lots of beautiful international locations.


  • Challenging controls; no helpful in-game tutorial.
  • Frustrating menus; can only find moves outside of the game.


Billabong Surf Trip's gameplay doesn't live up to the unique and realistic surfing simulation it's paired with, making this a hard game to master and wasting its true potential as a fun sports title.

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For some, the sun, the beach and surfing are practically a way of life; something I'm quite acquainted with living a mere handful of blocks from the home of the international clothing company 'Billabong'. Billabong Surf Trip by Chillingo tries to realistically capture the thrill and challenge of riding a wave while performing tricks to score points as you make your way on a world-wide tour of some of the best beaches you could visit.

To do this you'll need to master Surf Trip's rather eclectic control system, choosing either to maneuver via sticks only or a combination of tilting and sticks. Both systems don't feel entirely solid, but this has more to do with the simulation of surfing itself, with the tilt based controls not feeling particularly sharp or fluid, while the stick controls seem random in their success at pulling off tricks.

Pulling off tricks requires timing and positioning of your surfer along with specific stick movements to generate the move. This would work well if you weren't also at the mercy of a rather large and/or powerful wave that has plans of its own. Those familiar with surfing may find the balance easier to locate, but it has the air of randomness that doesn't sit well when you're trying to complete specific maneuvers to unlock new locations.

The game itself is littered with Billabong branding including unlockable clothing for your surfer and the beach locations are recognizable, if a bit washed out (if you'll excuse the pun), but this is all about the surfing and sadly Billabong Surf Trip just doesn't feel up to the challenge. An interesting alternative title, but not an exciting one at all.


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