Max Adventure Review

By , on December 15, 2010

Max Adventure
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4 out of 5


  • Fun story.
  • Familiar twin-stick controls.
  • Large and vibrantly colorful 3D environments.
  • Clever power-up mixing system.


  • Levels completely reset on death.
  • AI for children following Max can get stuck.


Max Adventure is a welcome relief from regular twin-stick titles as it incorporates a fun, if simple story with objectives that keep you busy right through to the end.

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With the adults of the world all sucked up in to alien spacecrafts and nothing but an ocean of moxie and a discarded ray-gun, Max is left to save the kids of the neighborhood (and maybe even the world) in Max Adventure by Imangi Studios.

Those familiar with twin-stick shooters will be able to jump right in and dispense justice to the invading hordes by using the usual setup of one stick for movement and one stick to shoot in any given direction. Power-ups can be collected for temporary bonuses, though once you open up the game's shop you'll be able to purchase permanent upgrades that can be combined to produce new effects for your weapon. The aim in most levels is to rescue the children of each maze-like neighborhood, collecting keys to open new paths, however this is occasionally mixed up with boss-fights or hunt and kill missions to provide some variety.

The bright and colorful 3D world of Max Adventure is almost a childish reflection of how a 10 year old might try to view such hideous creatures, keeping the game lighthearted and easy to follow despite the rather large areas you'll fight in. However, should you die, you'll have to restart the level in its entirety, which can be annoying, but once you're rolling in power-ups it becomes a relatively rare problem to encounter.

The variety and story of Max Adventure gives the overplayed twin-stick mechanic a new spark of life and while it may not become a lasting favorite it's still a great title to pick up and complete. Recommended for casual gamers, younger gamers and gamers after something short and sweet to keep them entertained.


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