Super Turbo Action Pig Review

By , on October 13, 2010

Super Turbo Action Pig
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3 out of 5


  • Pick-up and play arcade gameplay.
  • Fun and detailed cartoonish visuals.


  • Little depth or variety to make replays worthwhile.


Super Turbo Action Pig is a fantastically fun game for a short while and would be perfect for younger gamers were it not for the cartoonish gore.

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We're hitting up the archives today on request to review Super Turbo Action Pig (STAP) by Joystick Generals and while many of you may have already encountered this interesting side-scrolling arcade title, others may take pleasure in discovering something fun they may have missed.

And STAP isn't lacking for fun at all, pitting your rocket-strapped pig against the evil Butcher Bill as he attempts to shred you apart with his collection of utensils. Tapping the giant button in the corner will give your pig a boost, allowing him to glide, duck and otherwise gracefully slide past the deadly objects that will immediately ruin your run. The speed at which objects come towards you and the smooth way in which STAP floats up and down are balanced perfectly, making it hard to accuse the game of being 'cheap' when you die, even on 'hard' runs that are thick with hazards.

Visually the game is charming, with thick luscious cartoonish designs and simple animations that keep the game lighthearted even when you plow in to a buzz-saw, throwing 'red sauce' all over the screen. Unfortunately there's little in the way of actual objectives or challenge other than 'don't die' and even the side-mission of collecting five golden sausages seems to be all but impossible to complete, not due to difficulty, but because you're unlikely to stick with the game for that long.

STAP is (dare I say) ridiculously fun for the first couple runs, but beyond this its value quickly declines; worth a spin, but don't expect it to remain your favorite for long.


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