Spirits Review

By , on December 9, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Intuitive control system; tap and play.
  • Relaxing atmospheric visuals and soundtrack.
  • Physics based puzzles adds depth to the basic gameplay.


  • Wind physics can add more trial-and-error than intended.
  • Little replay incentive.


Those familiar with Lemmings-style titles will slip in to Spirits without a second thought, though the physics based gameplay adds a new twist that suits the relaxed style perfectly.

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The iPad version of Spirits by Spaces of Play was released not long ago, however now iPhone and iTouch device users can try their hand at this ethereal Lemmings-inspired puzzler.

As you make your way through the 40 currently available levels you'll need to rescue a set amount of leaf spirits before moving on to the next challenge. The game's intuitive controls make this a relatively simple matter as you only need to tap a spirit then select a particular function you wish to perform and a direction to move in the process. This will consume the spirit, leaving behind a new path or method of getting around the level. Physics play a part in the game as well, with wind being a primary method of carrying the spirits past many obstacles, however this can be tricky to manipulate as colliding currents can make it hard to reach the areas you intended.

Each level is simply themed and much of the game's visuals are accentuated by the aforementioned wind as it blows debris around to give you a rough idea of the strength and direction of a current. Plants can also be collected to add to your score and 'perfect' a level, though they don't have to be touched directly and allowing a drop to fall from your spirit mid-flight can 'tag' the sapling just as easily.

The complexity of Spirits is offset by the relatively low requirements to complete each level, allowing players to stumble their way through levels before going back to perfect them. Unfortunately, outside of being a completionist there's no real incentive to go this far with each level. Spirits is a great new take on an old formula and great pick-up for fans of Lemmings-like titles, but it may not deviate enough to re-kindle your passion for this classic puzzle style.


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