Bonecruncher Soccer Review

By , on October 19, 2010

Bonecruncher Soccer
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4 out of 5


  • Easy to pick-up and play.
  • Plenty of ankle-breaking, gut-smashing animations to enjoy.
  • Game Center integrated.


  • Nothing terribly new if you've played Backbreaker Football to death.
  • Retina visuals wasted on large open and empty fields.


Football fans after something quick, nasty and full of those wince-worthy fouls will eat up Bonecrusher Soccer an with extra helping of broken limbs.

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Comparing Bonecruncher Soccer by Distinctive Developments to its inspiration Backbreaker Football is not unlike that of comparing Veggie Samurai to Fruit Ninja. When playing Bonecruncher you can't help but feel that you've been here before and while there are some changes it all feels skin-deep.

However, you can't hold a good idea down and comparisons aside Bonecruncher is a challenging game to master and unlike American football where brutal tackles are a norm, having your legs swept out from under you or taking a shoulder to the sternum just seems more vicious. Tilting your iDevice will move your player left or right and set him off at a jogging pace, but touching the screen will take things up to a sprint. Swiping on either side of the screen or at the bottom from either direction will initiate a side-step or a 360-spin, netting you more points for the latter, but once you do make it to the end you'll need to successfully kick a goal by flicking the screen to set the power, direction and curve.

The visuals are fairly clean-cut and the large field viewed from a third-person perspective gives players a lot of time to identify and avoid their opposition, but despite the packed stands the game lacks the over-the-top tension that comes from trying to avoid having your legs broken by a viscous attacking player.

Still, Bonecruncher Soccer will easily eat up your time if you're a fan of football (and not the American variety) and despite some lack in variety it's a solid contender for your attention.


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