Feed Al: A Finger Physics Odyssey Review

By , on December 2, 2010

Feed Al: A Finger Physics Odyssey
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4 out of 5


  • 'Endless' physics puzzle gameplay.
  • Unique power-ups to explore.
  • Pick up and play style.


  • Semi-dependancy on PlacePlay system for higher scores; harder for offline players.


Feed Al extends the Finger Physics franchise in a new direction with its endless gameplay and PlacePlay system to make competing against friends and locals a fun experience.

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While I may love puzzle titles, one problem that seems to plague them is that they end. It may sound trite, but when you're really absorbed in a puzzle it can be a disappointment to know that you have nothing left to do. Feed Al: A Finger Physics Odyssey by PressOK Entertainment attempts to pair their popular Finger Physics franchise with an 'endless' puzzle system that evolves to not only challenge your lateral-thinking skills, but to give you a near unique challenge on every playthrough.

Much like the previous titles in the series, Feed Al requires players to shift objects in order to move a 'collector' around the stage, absorbing stars and activating switches as it passes. Various platforms can also affect the collector in different ways, either helping it to bounce around or smashing to pieces with a simple tap, but power-ups purchased with points earned can also help players to get past particularly challenging arrangements. It's frustrating that each piece you can use is only handed out one at a time, but positions aren't locked in until you start the ball rolling, so it's more of a minor nuisance when attempting to work out a solution.

FourSquare integration also allows you to play against other Feed Al players signed in to local hotspots, further reinforcing the high-score system by rewarding players with bonus points for submitting and being the best player of the hour, day, location and so on.

All of this is packaged with bright and colorful visuals that are easy to follow while you try to prevent the catchy background tune from getting stuck in your head after a long session. Feed Al: A Finger Physics Odyssey does a great job of sucking players in and fans of physics titles may get a kick out its almost endless gameplay.


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