JETMonkey Review

By , on October 21, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Each level varies the gameplay.
  • Interesting mix of visual styles.


  • Strict penalties force players in to rote, repetitive playing.


Getting to the third level in JETMonkey may take some practice, but it's a hollow victory and it's best to wait for updates to smooth things out.

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JETMonkey by Fan Studio is a side-scrolling endless title of a sort and while it's not perfect it certainly isn't lacking for creativity. In an attempt to colonize Mars to keep his banana's alive, the titular JETMonkey leaves a war-torn Earth and must fight the alien hordes for his right to farm.

Developer Fan Studio has set out a long-term plan for their game, but for their initial release you'll get to take your monkey (though he does look more like an ape - perhaps I'm just being pedantic!) on a spin through three different stages that feature three different methods of transportation. In the first you'll use a hover-craft that can float up and down or hover based on how much you use your jet; the second level places you in a vehicle that can move back and forward with tilt controls while jumping over obstacles; and the third places you in an underground drilling machine. In each case you'll need to avoid enemies or shoot them down, hopefully scoring enough points to move on to the next level.

However this is easier said than done as you only have three chances to get as far as possible, though picking up additional bananas will give you another chance before a game over. At first this is annoying, but the lack of randomization in the levels means that with each death you'll simply anticipate and avoid enemies ahead of time, eliminating a lot of the challenge.

JETMonkey is an oddball of a title and while the idea of progressing through various environments with different vehicles is cool it'd be better to stay wary and keep an eye on this one before diving in.


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