iChallenger-Return Review

By , on September 21, 2011

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2 out of 5


  • 'Realistic' combat system.
  • Multiple continues per stage; you'll need them.
  • Interesting colorful cutout visuals.


  • Brutal difficulty; conflicting controls and reaction-based gameplay don't mix.
  • Additional modes don't bring anything new to the table.


iChallenger-Return sets out to challenge players with a unique combat experience, but controlling your character is hard enough without spears and camouflaged arrows being thrown at you as well.

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I return to you a changed man after spending time within the world of iChallenger-Return by D&D Dream Corp. I am but a broken individual, shattered and twisted upon the jagged rocks of iChallenger's brutal battlefield. Moments of joy punctuate an otherwise chilling memory of dying over and over, but I will remain strong for you, our viewers.

Should you take up the challenge for yourself you'll first need to overcome the Trial of the Control Scheme. Swiping up and down on the left side of this side-scrolling action title will shift your shield up and down. So far, so good. Tilting your iDevice will allow you to move forward and backward on the screen. Lastly, four buttons in a row provide attacks ranging from high, mid and low as well as a special attack that changes based on your current weapon. By their powers combined you'll find yourself flailing at enemies only to have attacks from off-screen fling their way towards your character's head, smiting him and forcing a Game Over.

Aside from the controls you'll also need to over come the Trial of the Poor Translation. This is almost unfair, but following the tutorial can be difficult enough without poor text as it demonstrates mechanics such as combo-based upgrades (new armor and weapons are assigned for every 10 combo points achieved). Upon dying, which is all too common, you'll be faced with spending 'coins' to revive. In reality these are simply 'continues' that are refreshed each time you begin a level, but the idea of limited coins and the ability to purchase 'unlimited' coins via In App Purchase can be tempting.

What you're left with, should you push on up to this point, is the rather unfair AI that doesn't inspire strategy, but rather a healthy dose of spamming and luck to proceed. Aside from the enemies and traps you'll avoid in the Patapon-inspired world, 'boss' fights against similarly equipped knights result in a farce of battle not seen since Rock 'Em Sock' Em Robots.

Survival and Rush modes attempt to round out the otherwise brutal experience that is iChallenger-Return, but one thing is clear - this is no easy challenge, but nor is it a fun one to master either.


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