Poker With Bob Review

By , on February 21, 2011

Poker With Bob
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4 out of 5


  • Detailed 3D animation; amusing facial expressions.
  • Easy to learn and play; no pressure style - tutorial for new players.
  • Bluetooth local multiplayer.


  • Excessive repetition due to long 'levels'; depends on player skill and luck.


Although Poker With Bob is fairly simplistic in its approach to draw poker, Bob is a fantastic character to play against and a decent analogue for the real deal.

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There's an elegance to Poker that isn't always talked about, but with little more than a deck and a way to keep track of your bets you're able to sit down with one or more people and compete in an enjoyable game of wits and calculated chance. Poker With Bob by Scary Robot Productions tries to capture the personal touch of playing with a real opponent and you'll catch yourself smirking, frowning and even trying to pull a poker face in response to Bob's detailed animated expressions.

For those familiar with draw poker, the interface is extremely intuitive, providing simple buttons for chip values/adding to the pot or calling and dropping as required. For those who have forgotten how to play this traditional variant of the game a handy tutorial is provided to teach the basics. Players can compete against Bob in up to five different challenging levels, each with their own increased stakes and players are ranked online for their ability to knock out their opponent in the lowest amount of hands possible.

This is no easy feat to accomplish, but after a while you'll learn the ticks of each iteration of Bob, giving you a chance to push bets higher when you've got a great hand or even bluffing your way in to winning large pots. Yet there's no real substitute for playing against a real opponent and local multiplayer via Bluetooth is available to fill this gap.

Ultimately Poker With Bob doesn't do anything spectacularly new, but that's to be expected with such an established game like draw poker. Additional rule variations or poker types would add a lot more replayability, but jumping in for a quick handful or rounds is great fun thanks to the variety of your opponent. An easy game to recommend to fans of poker titles.


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