RoboSockets: Link Me Up Review

By , on February 22, 2011

RoboSockets: Link Me Up
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4 out of 5


  • Mind-warping puzzle gameplay.
  • Unique blend of Pipe Mania and regular 'match' titles.
  • Plenty of abilities and random items to utilize.


  • Repetitive campaign; more of an extended tutorial.
  • Bland color scheme; understandable choices, but lacking in appeal.


RoboSockets is a new take on an established formula and while it may be slower-paced than similar titles, you'll also need to be thinking much further ahead.

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At first, RoboSockets by Tatem Games may look like another typical three-match game, but you'd be wrong as layering similar robots together won't guarantee a match. Shades of Tetris might also be pointed out, but you'd also be wrong because completing rows won't get you anywhere either. If any title has inspired this quirky arcade-puzzler it's Pipe Mania and you'll need to screw your thinking cap on tight if you want to complete this game.

The basic controls are not unlike related arcade-puzzle titles and players can smoothly drag and flick to drop pieces in to a grid with five columns and seven rows. The trick in RoboSockets is to join five or more robots together using only the connectors available, causing them to explode and fill an energy meter on the side of the screen. Manually activated or randomly assigned power-ups provide opportunities to clear obstacles from the screen, but there's no substitute for thinking several steps ahead (and maybe a bit of luck when it comes to random items).

While the main campaign provides players with a chance to unlock some of the game's background story and teach advanced gameplay mechanics, a customizable challenge mode is also available for straight pick-up and play arcade modes including timed variations.

The cartoonish graphics are cleverly rendered in a pixel-art style, adding a lot of character to the visuals, however the overall gray, yellow, rust colored theme is only occasionally broken up by each stage's unique background art.

RoboSockets isn't as fast-paced as other arcade-puzzlers, but keeping track of the connections you've made and the connections you're still setting up provides a brain-tickling challenge that feels entirely unique. A great choice for anyone after an original puzzling experience.


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