Robot Wants Kitty Review

By , on April 7, 2011

Robot Wants Kitty
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4 out of 5


  • Challenging Metroidvania-style platforming gameplay.
  • Clean, cute visual style.
  • Multiple levels of varied difficulty.
  • Custom level editing.


  • Can't currently share levels.
  • No real environment variation; stuck with the robotic-lab theme.
  • Replay value limited to high-score junkies.


While you may not be cracking a whip or curling up in to a physically impossible ball, Robot Wants Kitty does feature a hugging robot hell-bent on capturing his feline companion - and that's what really counts, yeah?

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Some may know Raptisoft by their somewhat darker 'Solomon' series of Action-RPG titles, but Robot Wants Kitty developed with Hamumu Software explores a somewhat softer side as you follow the adventures of a single-minded robot on a quest to upgrade, destroy and hug.

For those up with their gaming parlance the game fits within the Metroidvania style of games. For those who want to believe they're not so embedded in gaming culture, this simply means you'll find yourself controlling the Robot, navigating a complex maze-like series of platforming environments as you aquire upgrades to improve your mobility around the level. Upgrades start out with something as simple as being able to jump, but by the end you'll be double-jumping, air-dashing and spewing bullets like a Fourth of July parade for pyromaniacs. Players are limited to a virtual-pad system, though the default layout can be modified if you want to optimize things to your tastes. Should you get lost in your travels you can bring up a map by touching your metallic companion (along with other various options).

Just about everything in Robot Wants Kitty is coated in lashings of charm, from the super-cute monsters to the almost palpable level of desperation in every action your Robot performs. While your initial playthrough can be taken casually, a timer system is added for those after a high-score fix, adding time when you die and pausing the clock after defeating enemies, giving you a good reason to blast each one as you progress. Six levels, including the original Flash game's stage are included in this release though players are invited to create their own custom levels using an editing tool. Unfortunately there's no way to share the levels at this time, though it does tease a 'coming soon'.

Robot Wants Kitty is just about everything you could want from a puzzle-like platformer on the App Store as it combines a simple concept with a polished presentation and some seriously fun challenges that will test your skills. A must have for fans of Metroidvania games and those after a fun new platformer.


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