Sushi Boy Review

By , on November 3, 2010

Sushi Boy
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4 out of 5


  • Bright fun visual style.
  • Lots of unlockable bonuses to keep you sucked in.
  • Simple gameplay concept.


  • Audio glitch cutting off the bonus music.
  • No alternatives to grinding coins.


Sushi Boy squeezes almost every ounce of fun and energy it can out of something as simple as catching sushi falling from the sky, making it a hard game to put down.

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Sushi Boy by wefiends is perhaps one of the best examples of how casual games can turn a simple idea in to something just short of an instant classic. As Sushi Boy your task is to catch all the sushi as it drops from the sky, however once you've mastered the basics you'll be able to unlock companions, outfits and new locations to enhance your gameplay.

Players can choose between touch or tilt controls to shift around the screen and tilting quickly or double-tapping will perform a quick dash to speed you up. The first session which is locked on easy can take a long time to finish, however randomly interspersed bonus-coin rounds and a slowly increasing pace keep things just fresh enough to hang on. However this is when things start to get really interesting as players can then unlock hats that imbue you with new powers; companions to make life easier; and new environments to move around in.

The sticker-art style is absolutely perfect for this Asian-inspired game and the crisp designs just drip with a fun attitude that's infectious. Keeping a smile off my face was almost impossible and unlocking more costumes and pets just kept it locked in place.

Sushi Boy is an incredibly detailed and featured game for such a simple concept and the balance of basic gameplay with lots of tiny rewards easily keeps things interesting through multiple sessions. Furthermore the addition of purchasable expansions gives Sushi Boy a shelf-life that goes beyond expectations and if you're after something simple and addictive then this is the next purchase for you.


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