Heads Up! Hot Dogs Review

By , on November 13, 2012

Heads Up! Hot Dogs
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4 out of 5


  • What other game do you get to balance hot dogs on people's heads
  • Something a little different to watch out for in each level.


  • Not much beyond the initial premise.


Heads up! Hot Dogs is a game where you have to balance hotdogs on the heads of strangers that pass by, and stop as many of them hitting the ground as possible. That's pretty much it.

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So what if I told you that on the App Store there was a game, that you can play on your Apple phone or tablet device that consisted of balancing hot dogs onto the heads of complete strangers out in the street? No, your ears did not deceive you, nor did your heart, for what I speak of is true! Heads Up! Hot Dogs is the one and only hot dog balancing arcade experience possibly in the whole of video game existence, and with such a concept, is it any surprise to hear that the publishers at Adult Swim were partially responsible?

You have the view of a street in a major metropolitan area (starting off in Philly, and even traveling  to the likes of the London subway). For no apparent reason, hot dogs rain down from the heavens, and as the player, it is your sworn duty to uphold the five second rule (changed to the three second rule in this game for purposes of expedience). The best way to keep them off the ground is to drag them onto the heads of all the people passing by. You gain points for every second a hot dog is balanced on someone's head, a bonus when they leave the screen carrying said hot dog, and only a small one time point boost if the hot dog grazes them before falling back to the floor. Certain pedestrians enjoy hot dogs on their noggins more than others do, and each new city introduces new characters that react differently to the meaty menace (such as the police officer who will fire at any hot dog resting on someone).

For the first couple minutes, most players might find the game easy, and might even find it boring. In our first two plays, a whole score of achievements were unlocked, and it was never a problem to gain access to each new stage. Soon enough though the people move faster, and more ball park snack food litters the streets. For each hot dog that misses the three second mark, one of five lives at the top of the screen is taken off, and there comes a tipping point when you just have to start flinging hot dogs in the air with wild abandon, praying that they land on a head. It's navigating the game during these trying times where the challenge will lay for most players, and even the slow start allows you to experiment with the hot dogs a little, and even acts as a breather for the mayhem to soon come.

The majority of the purchase power of Heads up! Hot Dogs lies in the game's unique and ridiculous concept. The devs should be commended for sticking a solid high score game under this pixelated madness, and really anyone looking for something a little different or just something new guaranteed to entertain might want to give this a go. You wouldn't want to be called a wiener after all.


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