Deep Deep Dungeon Review

By , on November 4, 2010

Deep Deep Dungeon
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4 out of 5


  • Dungeon crawling gameplay stripped back to basics.
  • Simple rhythm based attack system.
  • Purchasable in-game cash.


  • Lack of variation; no classes or skill system. 


The dungeon in Deep Deep Dungeon isn't quite as deep as you'd think, but slashing away at the monsters within has an appeal of its own.

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Rogue-like's are a strange breed of RPGs that have managed to survive the test of time, thanks in part due to modern adaptions that gave rise to the loot-focused action-RPG genre. While Deep Deep Dungeon by iQubi may not have the same depth as a true rogue-like, nor even that of an action-RPG, it still manages to get its hooks in with the promise of new treasures and larger numbers.

Each floor presents players with a randomized maze of paths interspersed with enemies and treasure. Battles are fought using a 'rhythm' system where you'll need to tap in time with a moving bar to land within a specified zone to deal damage. Smaller sections can deal critical damage, however these zones change depending on the weapons used and the damage performed can scale according to this difficulty.

In the place of regular animated sprites, Deep Deep Dungeon uses detailed manga-like designs for the characters and enemies, animating them slightly with special effect overlays in a manner not unlike Pokemon titles. It's a lo-fi approach, but it manages to work as new enemies with unique traits are regularly introduced as you progress.

Progression isn't too slow once you're on a roll, though some may find the need to clear out levels to be an excessive time-waster. However it's the lack of variety in gameplay that eventually gets tiresome and while switching weapons can help it's no substitute for different classes or a skill system. Deep Deep Dungeon is a 'lite' RPG experience, but still a game that can give players hours of entertainment should they wish to plumb the dark depths of this game.


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