Gravity Guy Review

By , on December 13, 2010

Gravity Guy
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4 out of 5


  • Complex platforming fun with a gravity twist.
  • Sharp visuals with smooth level transitions.
  • Perfectly matched fast-paced soundtrack.


  • Awkward single-device local multiplayer mode.
  • No alternative/high-score modes for single-player.


Despite the close proximity of so many platforming titles making use of the same mechanic, Gravity Guy still manages to strike out in its own direction and for those who like their games as hard as a brick-wall, then this is for you.

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It's safe to say that we've been here before, what with the running and the gravity flipping and the crazy level designs, but Gravity Guy by Miniclip takes a different approach to the gameplay, opting to challenge players to increasingly insane platforming challenges instead of relying on racing or beating set times to proceed.

There are 30 levels in total over three worlds to conquer, however the game's story mode throws out the traditional requirements of jumping back and forth between menus to seamlessly stitch each of the levels together, providing checkpoints between each one. Levels quickly spiral from simple sections of flipping over large gaps or between obstacles to high-speed sections of precision timing to prevent even the slightest hitch that will cause you to restart the level you're on. To aid the quick-switching, players can tap mid-jump to 'queue' up a jump, though this can come back to bite you if you're stabbing the screen frantically instead of with calm assurance.

Unfortunately this level of calm isn't always easy as the high-speed sequences can leave you with barely more than a split second to react and memorizing the levels after numerous failures can become all too common on the later stages. Much like Fragger, the initial download doesn't feature Retina graphics, however those with fourth-gen devices can grab the graphics pack via a free in game download to make the game's already keen graphics even more refined.

Instead of an additional free-play or arcade style mode, players can join three other friends in a local multiplayer match, however this mode feels ill-conceived as fitting four people around a single iDevice is hard enough, let alone with four fingers hovering over the screen to block the view. Gravity Guy is a seriously challenging platforming title that will take a considerable amount of time to perfect, so don't forget to keep your personal tolerance for failure in mind when considering this game.


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