EVAC Review

By , on November 9, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Neon-puzzle-twist on the Pac-Man gameplay.
  • Fun story points.
  • Simple customizable control.


  • No major social service integration for high scores.


EVAC may resemble Pac-Man on the surface, but the elegantly polished combination of gameplay elements makes this more than just a simple arcade title.

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Pac-Man never had it this hard - sure it's no picnic trying to chomp your way through mazes while being chased by the undead, but it's not like he had spikes to contend with! Pink has a heck of a job ahead of him as he attempts to escape the clutches of Shadow in EVAC, but with a bit of foresight and a few power-ups you'll be able to turn the tide in your favor.

Given that your only goal is to move your way around a neon 2D maze, the controls are kept equally simple with a simple dot acting as a center point for what amounts to a virtual d-pad. Players can move the pad to a location that suits them best, though shoving it far in to the corner or in the middle of the screen isn't advised. You'll need all the agility you can get as you attempt to outwit the aggressive Red blocks that will sap your energy, however yellow blocks can be used to block paths or areas to give yourself additional time and room to move in.

Each level features one or more miniature puzzles to solve, either in the form of timing your way through traps, hiding from enemies or even Sokoban-style switch-puzzles to access hidden areas. The neon visuals do get a bit tiring after a while, though at best this is a minor complaint as the artwork and story pair together perfectly. Once you're done with the game's 24 levels you can compete online for high-scores, but integration with one or more popular social services would have been preferred over a private one.

It's the mix of gameplay elements ranging from action to puzzle and even stealth that helps to keep EVAC exciting from start to finish; definitely recommended for casual and hardcore gamers alike.


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