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EVAC Review

Review David Peroutka By Andrew Nesvadba, 9 years, 6 months ago
EVAC Review

Pac-Man never had it this hard - sure it's no picnic trying to chomp your way through mazes while being chased by the undead, but it's not like he had spikes to contend with! Pink has a heck of a job ahead of him as he attempts to escape the clutches of Shadow in EVAC, but with a bit of foresight and a few power-ups you'll be able to turn the tide in your favor. Given that your only goal is to move your way around a neon 2D maze, the controls are kept equally simple with a simple dot…

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Totemo Review

Review David Peroutka By Kelly Mitchell, 10 years, 4 months ago
Totemo Review

Totemo is a match 3 style puzzle game where you must help the witch doctor free trapped spirits from an evil spell by vertically or horizontally matching rows of contiguous spirits until none are left on the game board. The controls for the game are easy to use with players only needing to tap the screen to make their selections and unlike typical match 3 games, players may also be required to match between two to four spirits depending on the level requirement. This provides an chall…

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