Paperboy: Special Delivery Review

By , on November 10, 2010

Paperboy: Special Delivery
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3 out of 5


  • Story mode with added objectives and unique upgrades.
  • Classic arcade mode available.
  • Original visual style with updated graphics.


  • Controls never feel entirely comfortable.
  • Story mode too brief.


If you loved the original Paperboy arcade title, then Paperboy: Special Delivery provides the goods, but the anachronistic gameplay isn't easy to enjoy if you missed it the first time around.

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Ahhh good old Paperboy... how I remember wasting far too much money on you in the arcade until I wised up and realized I didn't enjoy butting my head against games that are so unforgiving. While Paperboy: Special Delivery isn't the first attempt at adapting this classic game, Glu's version shouldn't be leaving us any time soon like the first release.

Players can opt to take control of their paperboy either through pure tilt controls, a combination of touch and tilt or a via a simple virtual stick. While the use of touch controls may seem helpful, the pure tilt controls are surprisingly intuitive, making it much easier to navigate the hazardous streets of your paper route. In the newly created 'story' mode you'll perform your usual duties as a paperboy with the aim of earning enough to purchase a console, but additional objectives such as running a race or delivering flowers bulk up the 'classic' arcade mode gameplay which is also available.

The good-old isometric view has also been kept from the arcade original and while the outdated looking graphics may put off some, it is updated and much cleaner, making life a little easier when trying to judge distances.

However despite the surface changes it still remains the old Paperboy and all the problems ingrained in the original have carried over. For nostalgic fans this doesn't get much better, but even with a new story mode it's hard to jump back in to the saddle and enjoy the ride.


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