Chrominance Review

By , on November 10, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Splatting paint-balls with physics.
  • Varied musical soundtrack.
  • Universal app with iPad unique features.


  • Classic mode slow to pick up in challenge.


Chrominance is as simple as throwing balls of paint together, but don't get too relaxed as things can quickly spin out of control.

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Chrominance by Andrea Mazzini and EFlat Games challenges players to mix their skills at timing and combining colors to score it large in this strange physics based arcade title.

Orbs of paint will make their way on to the screen at regular intervals, but should they collide with another orb they'll combine and splatter over the background. To score you'll need to make sure this combination lands on the correctly colored background by swiping them around the screen and if you're playing the 'Classic' mode you'll have energy taken off you if you miss. Power-ups also help to either clear the field of clutter, earn more life or 'split' the orbs to give you more variety.

For a game based around color the game has a relatively sedate palette and the pastel effect can feel a bit dull at times. This is further compounded by things taking a while to get interesting in the Classic mode, but once things do pick up you'll be praying for a bomb power-up to keep things manageable. Thankfully the 'Time Trial' mode feels a lot better and while you can't control all the bad matches you're not punished as immediately for them either.

Chrominance is an interesting, if not entirely exciting arcade title, but small touches like being able to play against a friend on an iPad make it fun to share with friends and as a time waster it's an easy game to jump in an out of. At this time the game is currently free and there's no reason not to give it a spin, but even when this changes it will still give some casual gamers an easy challenge.


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