Super Mega Worm Vs Santa Review

By , on December 20, 2010

Super Mega Worm Vs Santa
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3 out of 5


  • Amusing theme; death-worm versus the north pole = win.
  • New power-ups to pick up.
  • 'Boss fight' with Father Christmas himself.


  • Background artwork can make it hard to distinguish between enemies.
  • No real major gameplay changes; poor value for SMW owners.


While Super Mega Worm Vs Santa does add enough new content to stand alone, the additional content might not be enough for owners of the original; still it's a worthwhile pickup for those yet to revel in the fun death-worm gameplay.

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If you haven't already taken the opportunity to decimate a horde of rednecks Tremors-style in Super Mega Worm by Deceased Pixel already, fear not, because now you can trash the North Pole's festive forces in the seasonal release of Super Mega Worm Vs Santa.

In what essentially amounts to a Christmas-themed reskin of the original title, players can pick up where they left off in the original monster-worm title by gliding through the earth and the air to munch on elves, penguins, ginger-bread men and a host of other fantasy creatures. Controlling your worm comes in two major flavors with the D-Pad being perhaps the easiest setup to use, while a slide and tilt system allow you to turn left or right using touch or tilt controls. All the weapons you've come to know from the original have made a return, including EMP waves for area damage/slow down and air-jumping, while additional themed weapons like the ice-beam add to the game, though it's pretty much more of the same.

One thing that was most surprising about this title was just how much more fun it was to munch on screaming gingerbread man and the like instead of the usual assortment of gun toting cops and rednecks. The snowy background can make it difficult to keep track of some of the units at higher speeds, though once you've evolved enough the game is more about chaos management than any real amount of accuracy.

Should you survive the waves of enemies for long enough you'll also have the opportunity to take down Saint Nick himself, which much like the rest of the game has a uniquely perverse fun-factor to enjoy. If you own the original this is a much harder game to recommend as most of the worthwhile new content is at the later stages, however if you haven't picked up one of the versions yet, Super Mega Worm Vs Santa is perhaps the best bang for your buck of the two.


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