Q Pang Review

By , on November 15, 2010

Q Pang
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4 out of 5


  • Challenging combinations of enemies.
  • Cute visual style.
  • Lots of individually upgradeable weapons.
  • Endless mode and 'achievements'.


  • Poor translation can be mildly confusing.
  • Slow upgrade system makes testing combinations laborious.
  • No major social integration.


Q Pang is a fun, cute shooter that provides enough of a distraction that odd thoughts like, 'why do heavily armored Q's fall SLOWER?' never manage to get in the way of a good time.

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Q Pang by BOBTAN studio isn't above playing with cliches. You're a cat out to defend his planet from gelatinous aliens with a delusion of universal dominance and you'll have to deploy cakes, bombs and a few bullets to keep them at bay; you know, that old chestnut.

What? You haven't heard it before? Well no matter, you'll slip right in to things despite the somewhat odd translation and spelling mistakes for the English text. Over five worlds, each with five increasingly difficult levels, the goal is to defend the planet from the Q's that have decided that falling from their mothership is the ultimate in invasion tactics. As you progress you'll unlock new weapons that can be placed in to one of four available slots, upgrading each one as you go with 'stars' that you can earn from kills, completing levels and earning 'titles' (the game's equivalent of achievements).

The super cute artwork and cheery soundtrack is almost at odds with the level of destruction you need to dish out to survive each wave, however the use of weird and cute weapons like 'cakes' to distract enemies, fans that deploy deadly gusts of air and vacuum cleaners that suck them out of the air are certainly in keeping with the light tone. Things start to get increasingly brutal near the end of world two and players will need to reconsider the weapons being used on each stage. This can be a hassle as redistributing the points you've earned can take a lot of time and not all of the 'upgrades' are worthwhile, scaling in a way that's counter-intuitive.

Thankfully the game allows for grinding additional points and with dedication players can quickly earn enough bonus points to help to ease them through the final levels. Q Pang may get repetitive for some, but its cute charm and constant rewards make it a hard game to put down and is definitely recommended for those after a challenging action title.


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