WordUs2 Review

By , on February 23, 2011

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3 out of 5


  • Easy to learn Mastermind-like word puzzle gameplay.
  • Four gameplay modes; all customizeable.
  • Variable difficulty based on word length.


  • 'Even' and other common words not considered valid; limited word list.


WordUs2 makes the most of its simple Mastermind-like gameplay, providing a word-puzzle challenge that's open to most ages.

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Mastermind is a quirky and appealing board game thanks to its mix of luck and logic. Sure, it may simply feel like pattern recognition, but there's an undeniable feeling of having outwitted someone (even if this isn't strictly true). WordUs2 by Binary Dawn Interactive extends the pattern matching concept to words in the English language and it's no surprise that the same sense of accomplishment has transferred over as well.

Four game modes are available, however the basic gameplay consists of being provided with the first letter of a word of a pre-selected length, with the ultimate goal of guessing what this word is. Letters from each attempt can be highlighted to either indicate a letter that's correct, but in the wrong position or correct and in the correct position. By process of elimination the word is eventually guessed and a score is added to your total.

Each mode adds a twist or two to the gameplay, but more importantly options are provided to scale the difficulty by increasing or decreasing the word length. This opens the door for children to explore their vocabulary in a fun and simple way, while still scaling to levels that are challenging for adults as well.

Word-games certainly aren't everyone's cup of tea, but WordUs2's simple, clean presentation is easy to jump in to and enjoy - and best of all, it never hurts to flex your vocabulary now and then; a fun puzzler for all ages.


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