The Drill Plus Review

By , on March 8, 2011

The Drill Plus
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3 out of 5


  • Fun visuals and effects.
  • Somewhat unique concept with a challenging final level.
  • Rocking background music.


  • No real gameplay depth, simply tap when in trouble and run in to everything.
  • Default sensitivity quite high, however adjustment options are available.


Unless you're feeling generous, stick to the ad-supported version of The Drill - you get almost the same amount of content and gameplay, which is amusing, but only for a short time.

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If you feel the burning need to follow the manly quest of one man to drill his way to a brand new universe, then strap yourself in for The Drill Plus by Spotcat Studio.

Although 'The Drill' is already available for free, the Plus paid version removes adverts and adds additional story elements, but unfortunately there's not enough to do to truly warrant this paid jump. Your task, should you undertake it, is to tilt your iOS device, moving your character back and forth to pop 'enemies' (though they don't fight back and are often cute and plushy) while deploying your drill or collecting power-ups to pierce through hazards that will deplete your health with each hit.

This gets old within the first level and in fact you're unlikely to see anything particularly unique until the fifth and final level when you face off against what I can only assume is a god while a third of the level is spent with the objects wavering back and forth. The only real highlight of the game is the amusing collection of cartoonish designs and special effects to emphasize your drill, but the whole game is essentially static making it hard to keep the excitement and energy implied in the first few moment active throughout the entire game.

The Drill Plus is an amusing title, but it lacks depth and the skill requirements for all but the last level boil down to spamming your dash attack and collecting power-ups. For now, stick to the free version - the adverts are a small price to pay for the few moments of amusement you'll get out of it.


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