Block Rogue Review

By , on January 16, 2011

Block Rogue
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4 out of 5


  • 325 puzzles; played in groups of 25.
  • Intriguing story told in snippits.
  • Varied environments to mix things up.


  • Short audio loops.
  • Poor control system and no alternative options.


If you're after a whole lot of puzzles to eat up your spare time, look no further than Block Rogue as it gives you more than just a checklist to complete.

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Block Rogue by Buzz Monkey Software isn't your typical Sokoban-style puzzler, but not because you play the game in some unique way. You'll find yourself hitting switches, pushing blocks and rolling boulders much like any similar puzzler, but for your little character there's a clear motivation for attempting to complete all 325 levels.

That's right, 325 levels - and we're not talking easy levels either; you'll have to avoid the usual set of problems that will force you to slap the undo button (or at worst the reset button) to avoid making that one fatal error that places you in an impossible situation. After completing a level you have two doors to progress through and if you can survive through 25 puzzles you'll reach one of several possible endings that highlight the hidden pages your character is looking for. Each time he enters the maze his memory is wiped, though mirrors in each level provide some background information to carry the story forward.

Block Rogue is relatively simplistic in its design, though you'll encounter plenty of sprite variations as you continue through each play through. However, despite multiple attempts and lengthy sessions, the game's swipe-based controls never really feel comfortable and adding a d-pad to the cluttered screen would be impossible without a complete redesign.

While it's unlikely that all but the most dedicated of puzzle enthusiasts will complete the game, it's insanely great value for those who do take the plunge. Aside from the control issues Block Rogue is a mind-tickling challenge that will keep you busy for hours.


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