Agent Dash Review

By , on August 2, 2012

Agent Dash
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4 out of 5


  • Tangible rewards for progression; not just more of the same, but faster - actual new environments and challenges.
  • More character models, skins and perks to upgrade; adds customization and longevity in replay.


  • Sensitivity options seem to add delays for 'slower' options; also no alternative tilt-scheme available.
  • Inconsistent (or at least unforgiving) collision detection; huge hit-box around power-ups, but you can trip on a pixel of any hazard (especially pits).


Agent Dash is a gorgeous rendition of the Temple Run style of auto-runner that encourages players to become better at the game by introducing unique obstacles for each of its area types.

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Full Fat's repertoire of games is full of rebuilt concepts; while we may have seen and loved the archetypes they take their inspiration from, the new spin or polished design makes it worth playing. Agent Dash is no different, taking cues from the long-popular Temple Run series, just don't expect each run to be an epic dash - an agent's job isn't easy and neither is this game.

You can expect to be caught out and remain almost unaware of what happened thanks to two features of the game that should otherwise be considered positives. Firstly, instead of tilting to move back and forth, players swipe to perform all moves, be it jumping, sliding, or changing 'lanes'. Secondly, the camera is tilted much lower, giving you a longer perspective with the downside of also making it unclear as to when hazardous gaps end or whether a bridge you're moving towards has a missing piece or not.

The increase in challenge is, strangely enough, welcomed as it provides a sense of achievement when you finally make it to a 'base', destroy it and move on to the next area. However it also means you'll need to learn various 'trap patterns' that exist so you're not caught out; the visuals are incredibly vibrant and perfectly suited to the 'secret agent' theme, but as a result it's easier to be confused by the quick-moving hyper-color visuals.

As to be expected, the usual power-ups are available and need to be upgraded with the gems you grab on each run. In a nice change, players can also spend their in-game cash on characters, skins and boosts for each of them, as well as one-off bonuses to give you a head start or boost in a subsequent run.

What makes Agent Dash feel different from the usual clones is its tangible sense of progression - over time, players will invariably get better at the game and are rewarded with new areas complete with new trap variations to learn. For those who still think scores matter, you can compete against friends thanks to Facebook integration.

Considering it's free, you can always check it out for yourself and see if you're up to the challenge.


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