Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage Review

By , on April 14, 2011

Annoying Orange: Carnage
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3 out of 5


  • Easy to pick up flick-based skill-shot gameplay.
  • Bonus points for tricky shots including rebounds from the back wall.
  • New characters and hazards added with each new level.
  • Voices can be turned off.


  • Limited appeal to those who aren't fans of the YouTube series.
  • Repetitive gameplay after only a few short rounds; no alternative gameplay.


One would expect a game based around Annoying Orange to be far more annoying, but diving in to this skill-shot title is pleasantly rewarding at least for a while.

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Video-games, along with other media, have long since been co-opted by marketing gurus who want to cash in on their intellectual property, resulting in the much maligned 'tie-in' product. With the advent of YouTube shows becoming popular it was only a matter of time until a tie-in for one of these shows appeared and so it is with a heavy heart I dive in to Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage.

It should be said that I do dislike the show; Orange is simply far too good at his job for me to remain entertained. However this is where Kitchen Carnage manages to step in to provide fans and haters alike with something they can all appreciate - a violent end to many of the characters from the show. Sadly Orange isn't included in the kill-count, but flicking your finger to launch each character towards a blender, chopping board or exhaust fan is easy to pick up, making it fun to dispatch each one.

Points are awarded based on who you chop up and how they're chopped up (i.e. bouncing a character off the back wall and in to a blender scores considerably more than just the blender) and bonus time can be added to your steadily reducing clock by hitting a character hidden in the cupboards. Points slowly accrue and eventually 'level up' the challenge, adding more hazards to the mix and a new character to destroy for higher scores.

The presentation is simple, but in keeping with the YouTube show's style as real-world objects with a bit of photo-editing are used to create the kitchen of death. Including voices from the show add a great touch to the game, however the repetitive and irritating voices can be turned off from the options (which is a considerate thought for those who simply want the carnage without the headache).

There's not a lot of long-term appeal to Kitchen Carnage, though fans are likely to get far more mileage out of the game before its skill-based high score gameplay becomes tiresome. Worth having a look at whether or not you enjoy Annoying Orange's antics.


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