Zombie Trailer Park Review

By , on January 18, 2011

Zombie Trailer Park
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3 out of 5


  • Relatively unique setting (rednecks instead of knights).
  • Easy to learn and complete.
  • Compete online for fastest times.


  • Perspective zoomed out too far.
  • Only one zone with repetitive gameplay; though difficulty does increase.


Zombie Trailer Park is definitely worth grabbing while it remains free, but it lacks the variety to remain interesting for long.

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Zombie Trailer Park by Ninja Kiwi is (for those who haven't come across it before) another free Flash title that has made the jump to the App Store. Interestingly, the game has been converted with almost no changes (barring the interface) and to compensate for this the price tag is a surprisingly reasonable '$0'.

The game itself is a fairly typical castle defense setup, with cash being earned over time and units being purchased to run blindly in to their opposition until you've pushed them back and destroyed their stronghold. Killing zombies also earns 'Yeehaw' points that can be turned in to activate special abilities that help to push back a strong assault or clinch the win.

There are only four stages to complete, with each one increasing the challenge while unlocking additional abilities to help players out. It won't take veterans of the genre too long to completely finish the game, though players can compete for the fastest times on Game Center.

The biggest problem with Zombie Trailer Park is the super zoomed-out perspective that may have worked reasonably well on large PC screens, but is just too small for the tiny iDevice displays, making it easy to miss things like leaping zombies until they're already at your trailer park. It's not a major issue and certainly not something to complain about while the game remains free, but we can only hope more content and an update to the interface is made before it jumps to a paid option.


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