Ninja Ropes Extreme 2 Review

By , on February 16, 2011

Ninja Ropes Extreme 2
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3 out of 5


  • Beautiful visual theme; gives the game a sedate, relaxed tone.
  • Pick-up-and-play controls; simply tap your way to victory.
  • High-score runs can be downloaded for replays or practice ghosts.


  • Brutally difficult beyond the first 10 seconds; reaching level 2 is cause for celebration... the last may as well be a fantasy.
  • No gameplay variation; minute one is the same as minute two, only with more powerful gravity wells.


Ninja Ropes Extreme 2 provides an fun challenge for those who don't mind their games taking less time than it takes to watch a commercial, but attempting to master this title is an excercise in humiliation.

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Ninja Ropes Extreme by Sarkscape Games started out its life as a simple web-browser game compatible with Safari on iOS devices. High praise was given to this physics-based endless title in the form of a musical number in the Dr. Horrible commentary and now the sequel has hit the App Store with a native application.

Armed with little more than two ropes, your ninja must make his way as far to the right as possible, swinging between gears while making use of or avoiding areas of force that can push him around. In principle this isn't very hard and players need only to tap the screen to launch a rope, with their second rope being launched if the first connects while pulling you in. In practice the game is absolutely brutal and tiny mistakes in timing are punished swiftly and brutally. A 'safety net' is available in the form of being able to temporarily invert the gravity, giving you a chance to slip back in to the screen, but just like the ropes a small hesitation in timing will result in the same brutal ending.

Also, much like the gameplay the artwork finds itself stuck in a loop, providing no variety despite the beautiful shadow concept. Multiple levels are available in the 'Quest' and 'Random' modes, though you're unlikely to see them without dedicating some serious practice time.

One neat feature that shouldn't be overlooked is the ability to download and watch replays of players on the leader boards, giving serious players a chance to use the 'ghost' function to emulate their actions. Though this is easier said than done as only small changes in timing will result in vastly different runs, making ghosts more useful for learning techniques instead of efficient paths.

Ninja Ropes Extreme 2 has a very low entry threshold for the gameplay as it only demands taps that are timed with precision. Attempting to master the game is a different beast altogether and its high demands make it a game almost exclusively for hardcore score-hunters to enjoy.


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