Pig Rockets Review

By , on March 11, 2011

Pig Rockets
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3 out of 5


  • Fun mix of ideas; nominally Tetris with a defense twist.
  • Easy to pick up and play.
  • Unlockable power-ups and features.


  • Glitchy in-app purchase system.
  • Minor gameplay variation between levels; can feel repetitive.


While Tetris and Defense style titles are common enough, a combination of the two makes Pig Rockets fun enough to keep you coming back despite the repetitive gameplay.

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What does rocket fuel, Tetris, bacon and the castle defense genre have in common? More times than not I'd say they don't really have anything in common, but if you're playing Pig Rockets by Camigo Media you'd be surprised at just how relevant they all are.

Wave after wave of rocket-controlled piggies are attempting to blow up your house, barn, dog-house, mansion (and so on) and you'll need to put your Tetris skills to work in order to create barriers that will crush their advance. Grouping pieces of the same color together will create a more durable 'metal' walls, though players will need to consider how fast and often they place down each piece to prevent wasting the tiny amount of space that's available.

Defeated enemies will drop bacon, which can subsequently be collected and used on various unlockable power-ups and enhancements for the game including additional slots for random pieces or expanding the land that's available to make later levels easier to complete. Bacon can be purchased via in-app purchases as well, but doing so ruins a lot of the replay value that comes from setting small goals to reward yourself with additional gameplay.

Pig Rockets is a simple, yet strangely addictive combination of elements that would ordinarily seem out of place. It may not be the perfect pocket-companion, but it's still worth checking out if you enjoy Tetris-style games and you're after a challenge that's out of the ordinary.


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